Art Embassy of Romania


Vitovlje 42/a
5361 Šempas


Mirela Traistaru
Dorothea Fleiss
Delia Calinescu
Jože Šubic


Catinca Colesniuc
Sergiu Moise
Klavdij Tutta


Petre Chirea
Claudia Mandi
Ovidiu Batista
Daniel Semenescu
Klavdij Tutta

* 2020 cancelled event.

“Our family are big art lovers and hosting the artists at our home is for us a great honor. We are very proud to be able to participate at such a prominent international project as is the KROG UMETNOSTI / ART CIRCLE.”

Uroš Komar, Villa Vitovlje

Romunija - Art Circle.

Embassy of Romania
Smrekarjeva 33a
1107 Ljubljana


“Art Circle, an art festival, that the Romanian Embassy has joined in 2021, represents an excellent instrument to promote the cultural dimension of our diplomacy. We feel honoured and proud to have Romanian art and artists present in Vipava Valley, a region so well known for its beauty and scenic landscapes. It is my belief that only by strengthening the ties between cultures and people from all over the world, we can create a unique space of freedom and beauty that can easily prove that, sometimes, the perfect world truly exists.“

HE Alexandru Grădinar, Ambassador of Romania