Art Embassy of Germany


Plešivo 44, Medana
5212 Dobrovo v Brdih


Jesse Magee
Norbert Michno
Nader Hamzeh


Josephine Kaiser
Matt Wiegele
EMESS (Marc)
Cendra Polsner


Jens Gussek
Lena Trost
Miki Lin
Bruno Paladin


Bodo Korsig
Lena Feldmann
Michele Janata
Simone Kessler
Jesse Magee


Candace Goodrich
Maria Sainz Rueda
Joachim Weinhold
Aleksandra Rakonjac
Klemen Brun
Etko Tutta


Veronika Krobs
Katrin Evers
Verena Mayer
Nekane Manrique Mezquita
Klemen Brun
Jože Šubic


Anne Wölk
Xenia Fink
Carl-Heinz Daxl
Jo Bohnsack

* 2020 cancelled event.

The Ščurek Winery is difficult to miss: it is expecting you on the outskirts of the village Plešivo right next to the border with Italy, with a colorful pyramid made from barrels featuring its trademark – a cockroach next to a violin. That’s right, art is deeply rooted in the DNA of this winemaking family, which places special attention to the autochthonous Brda varieties. Between these walls is where the artists from the German Embassy in Slovenia look for inspiration.

Nemčija - Art Circle.

Embassy of Germany
Prešernova cesta 27
1000 Ljubljana


“Art and culture connect and enable collaboration and understanding across political and language borders – and so does wine! I thank the wineries and the organizers of the Art Circle /  International Visual Arts Festival for bringing international artists together to experience Goriška Brda’s wonderful harmony of art, lifestyle, and wine.“

Natalia Kauther in Adrian Pollmann, Veleposlanika Nemčije v Sloveniji