In the heart of the vast Trnovo forest Plateau at 965m above sea level lies the village of Lokve – once a famous skiing center of Goriška – which offers active leisure time all year round. The winter whiteness of the nearby peaks, cycling paths through the green tree tunnels of a predominantly beech forest in the spring, the fiery colors of autumn walks, summer immersion in the shadows of the large canopies or a visit to one of the culinary providers (Gostilna Lokve, Gostilna Winkler, Kmečki turizem P’r Ukovih) they will not leave you indifferent. Because time runs more slowly in the middle of the Trnovo Forest.

Barely 22 km from Nova Gorica and neighboring Gorica (IT), Lokve offers a starting point for climbing the nearby peaks (Škol, Prezren, Črni vrh, Poladonove, Golaki), numerous footpaths through the forest, including the footpath around the village of Walk around the wall (Pot za zidom), which was once protected the state forest from the appropriation of Count Coronini’s inhabited colons, enchants visitors. All generations can relax in a game of Multigolf, which is played in the middle of the village, the first snow offers joy on the winter children’s training ground and running track, and you can also visit the small museum of wood utensils, which takes you into the past of the former crafting of wooden utensils. Artist Bogdan Butkovič creates in the village, he is particularly devoted to the technique of fractals.

In the past, they engaged in charcoal making, carpentry and glassmaking, and forestry is still an important economic branch of the local residents. This is also, why we are focusing on the two basic building blocks of life here: wood and stone at this international artist residency. In this way, we are adding a new circle to ART CIRCLE International: WOOD & STONE.