Art Embassy of Spain


Vipolže 3
5212 Dobrovo v Brdih


Ana Corrales Rodrigañez
Rich Arnauda
Ana Mortera
Julen Araluce


Beatriz Benito
Juan Munoz
Jože Šubic


Guillermo Oyaguez
Calo Carratala
Laura Rikman


Sònia Toneu
Manolo Oyonarte
Inma Fierro
Juan José Viota aka Juanjo Viota
Daniela Jáuregui Servin


Lidia Toga
Lola Berenguer
Adrián Sanchet Encabo
Pablo Merchante
Soraya Triana
Guillermo Oyagüez


Carmen Anzano
Dora Piñón
Manolo Messía
Ramon Cerezo
Albano Hernandez Dominguez
Inma Fierro


Manolo Messia
Diego Canogar
Elena Blanch González
Teresa Esteban Gómez
Jesse Magee
Klemen Brun
Etko Tutta
Ana Žerjal

* 2020 cancelled event.

“The choice to represent the Art Embassy of Spain was very easy and, for me personally, the one to make, as I have a special affinity for the Spanish culture. During my travels around this country, I have come to understand this Mediterranean land, embraced by the sun and the sea and its temperamental culture, which is so charming that you just cannot say NO to it. I am proud to have been the host of Spanish artists since 2016. They leave behind spectacular sculptures and paintings which are an important part of the Art Circle collection and that of the Iaquin House.”

Uroš Jakončič, Hiša Iaquin

Španija - Art Circle.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
Trnovski pristan 24
1000 Ljubljana

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Nietzsche once wrote that “for art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication”. I wonder if he had in mind the art of wine making … . Art Circle was a brilliant idea: an art show putting together painters, winemakers and diplomats. It spurs the creation of a fresh, and very diverse, set of paintings, and puts artists in connection with colleagues from other countries. It also showcases the magnificent wines and landscapes of the Goriska Brda and Vipava areas. The region of Gorica/Nova gorica, in the heart of Europe, at the cusp of the Slavic, Latin, and Germanic worlds, will soon be the European capital of culture. In the case of Spain, the great Iaquin house has kindly hosted Spanish artists for many years, and since 2016 two dozens of Spanish artists have participated and contributed to Art Circle. I have personally had the opportunity of visiting the show on several occasions, and witness the excellent atmosphere and quality of the works presented.

Juan Arístegui, Ambassador of Spain