Art Embassy of
Czech Republic

House Brinovka

Temnica 12
5296 Kostanjevica


location: ZOI Turizem
Zbynek Sedlecky
Jiří Kuděla
Petra Jovanovská


location: ZOI Turizem
Hana Rodková
Václav Rodek
Martin Prachař
Boris Jirků


location: ZOI Turizem
Jiri Suruvka
Katarina Kovačova


location: ZOI Turizem
Kristyna Krutilova
Filip Nádvorník
Rodek Vaclav
Hana Rodkova


location: ZOI Turizem
Rodek Václav
Hana Rodková
Sumec Ivo
Vlčková Karolína
Ana Žerjal

* 2020 cancelled event.

“Brinovka House – House with the Soul of Time and the region Karst is proud to be the Art Embassy of the Czech Republic. We believe in art as the purest form of human activity, showing the present and prophetically indicating the future. There is a lot of symbolism in the fact that Brinovka House is the holder of the title of Art Embassy of the Czech Republic, as the Karst region is a special meeting point for both nations. The extreme edge of the Karst, where Brinovka House is located, is also the westernmost point of settlement of the Slavic peoples. In the past, the Slavic heritage has had a significant influence on the links and cooperation between the two peoples, especially in the field of artistic creation. Unfortunately, Miren-Kras is also a territory where bloody battles raged in the past during the First World War, when both Czech and Slovenian soldiers fought side by side. Therefore, may the moments captured in the newly created artworks of the new Czech friends we will host at the artist residency revive our faith in the beauty of creation and bring us together in friendship.”

Nataša Batagelj and Andrej Lavrič, Brinovka House

Češka - Art Circle.

Embassy of the Czech Republic
Riharjeva 1
1000 Ljubljana


“It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with the ART CIRCLE in promoting the Czech culture in Slovenia. However, it is not only the culture that connects and deepens relationships between Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Our excellent connection lasts for centuries, which our Embassy captured in our own exhibition “Czech Footprints in Slovenia”, which you can find on our website.”

Ambassador H.E. Mr. Juraj Chmiel