Opening of the Art Circle 2017 exhibition

At the Vipolže Villa, the Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport Brda, with its General Manager Tina Novak Samec, together with the cultural association KUD Manifest under the direction of painters Etko Tutta and Klemen Brun, as well as the embassies of Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Russia, Spain and France, we completed the Art Circle. The opening of the exhibition of 50 paintings, the product of the creativity of 50 artists from 10 countries, who last week enriched the canvases with their stories at 9 art embassies at the residences of the winemakers Stojan Ščurek, Edi Simčič and Alma Vista, Iaquin House and Dolfo House, Nejka and Uroš Klinec, the Hotel San Martin in Brda, as well as Slavček, Baša and Saksida in the Vipava Valley. A contamination of art, culture, nations and worlds. The evening was completed by the performance of excellent musicians from Saint Petersburg and the extraordinary singer Oleg Pogudin, who brought the audience to their feet with his rendition of international romantic songs. The exhibition was open to visitors at the Vipolže Villa until September 2017.