19.6. –  9. 9. 2021 (9.00 – 18.00)

In collaboration with the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Ljubljana that took place within the ART CIRCLE project, we arranged a mezad – a room next to the fireplace or kitchen that was used for eating and domestic chores – in Zofina hiša, featuring images from Hungarian books, picture books and a TV set, as well as additional activities for children.

The Hungarian story/fairy-tale that you listened to in the Slovenian language on TV, was read by the Director of the Hungarian Institute in Ljubljana, Ms Bíborka Molnár-Gábor.
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Hungarian Cultural Institute in Ljubljana


The idea was born within the ART CIRCLE project to present foreign literature to visitors (especially families and children) in a fairy-tale room located in the village of Šmartno. The cooperation that has so far taken place with the embassies within the Art Circle project ( would each time see the presentation of a different embassy: Japan and Hungary – the Japanese fairytale room (nb in 2019 an idea was born in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy to present Japanese fairy-tales in the Slovenian language in a specially dedicated fairy-tale room – the year 2020 should have seen the execution of the first room, but was cancelled due to the pandemic). The next cooperation took place with the Hungarian Institute in Ljubljana (Balassi Institute), which was successfully realized despite the obstacles presented by COVID19. In fact, within the SUMMER MUSEUM NIGHT 2021 organized by the Slovenian Museum Association, we presented Hungary on a visit – Fairy-tale room, the first fairy-tale room in the fairy-tale village of Šmartno.

Our goal and wish, if conditions will allow it, is to intensify the collaborations and continue the concept of the fairy-tale room with other embassies. Another idea is to transfer the presentations in a smaller scale and for a longer period of time to the ART EMBASSIES (Hungary – Dornberk, Baša; Japan – Hotel San Martin, Šmartno etc.)

The Institute for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Brda has created a FAIRY-TALE ROOM for visits in a typical Brda house (ZOFINA), where books written by Hungarian authors are presented in the Slovenian and Hungarian language. These books hang from the ceiling ready to be read and looked at and are accompanied by coloring books and a video fairy-tale.

The room also features an info tablet about the Hungarian Institute in Ljubljana and its cooperation with the Art Circle project, as well as a book of comments.

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