January 22nd – April 3rd 2020

Hungarian Cultural Institute, Barvarska steza 8, 1000 Ljubljana

Art Circle in Ljubljana – Art Exhibition for the Hungarian Culture Day

On Wednesday, January 22nd, we opened the Art Circle exhibition in the premises of the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana for the Hungarian Culture Day. Visitors were able to admire the exhibited artworks by the Hungarian and Slovenian artists, who take part in the ArtEmbassy initiative, thanks to which every year numerous artists – many of which come from Hungary – are stationed at wineries from the Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda. The bearer of the title Hungarian Art Embassy has been for years the Baša winery from Dornberk. Their premises were the first to host the artworks created by the Hungarian artists that are now on display at the Balassi Institute. A great thank you goes to the promoters of the Art Circle for starting the project almost two decades and a half ago, and thank you to Danilo Baša for supplying some exquisite refreshments from Dornberk. Of course, the event could not be without a taste of the Hungarian wine, provided by Tamás Komjáthi, a winemaker from Szekszárd, who arrived to Ljubljana thanks to the Hungarian artist, who also took part in the Dornberk story.
The exhibition was opened by Mr. Bence Sárossy, Cultural Secretary at the Hungarian Embassy and Mr. Brane Kovič, art critic. The musical number was performed by Márija Keck and Mr. Tamás Komjáthi.

Hungarian Cultural Holiday at the Balassi Institute

Just like Slovenians celebrate their cultural holiday on February 8th, we Hungarians celebrate our cultural holiday on January 22nd. On this date in 1823 Ferenc Kölcsey completed his work Himnusz. The music for Kölcsey’s verses was composed in 1844 by Ferenc Erkel, which became the Hungarian national anthem.

This year the cultural holiday will be celebrated at the Balassi Institute, the cultural center of the Hungarian Embassy, where the Hungarian Ambassador, Her Excellency Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi and Brane Kovič, art historian and critic, shall open together the Art Circle exhibition at 7 p.m.

Art Circle is an international visual arts festival. Since its beginnings in 1997 it has brought together for a week, on the entire winegrowing regions of Brda and the Vipava Valley, artists from all over the world, winemakers, tourist operators and representatives of several embassies in Slovenia.

The Hungarian artists were taken under the wing of the Baša homestead and winery, which is not only the Hungarian Art Embassy, but also a gallery, where it is possible to see the works of art created by the Hungarian artists.

At the Balassi Institute, the works on display will also feature a small selected portion of the Slovenian artists.

The participating painters:

Bodó Ágnes
Klemen Brun
Ernszt András
F. Balogh Erzsébet
Kovács Lola
Lantos Csenge
Tomaž Milač
Szentgróti Dávid
Jože Šubič
Etko Tutta

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