Art Embassy of Hungary


Gregorčičeva 45
5294 Dornberk


Lucza Zsigmond
Norbert Tóth


Eross Istvan
Jozsef Szurcsik
Levente Herman
Marta Kiss


Sárréti Gergely
Serhiy Savchenko
Denys Struk


Katalin Biess
Csenge Lantos
Lola Kovacs


Ágnes Bödő
Clementina Boga
Ábel Szabó
Roland Horváth
Rado Jerič


András Ernszt
F.Balogh Erzsébet
Könyv Kata
Dávid Szentgróti
Igor Banfi

* 2020 cancelled event.

At the Baša Winery the pulse of the Vipava Valley can be felt at every sip of their precious drops. Determination and resilience have been gained by the Baša family during the bora’s wild dancing, which intoxicates the region’s grapevines every winter. The mighty beats of this Littoral wind have brought into shelter at the Baša Winery the artists of the Hungarian Embassy in Ljubljana.

Madžarska - Art Circle.

Veleposlaništvo Madžarske
Ulica Konrada Babnika 5
1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid


Lisztov inštitut – Madžarski kulturni center Ljubljana
Barvarska steza 8
1000 Ljubljana


“In recent years the words “Art Circle” in Slovenia became the synonym of the unity of local and global, of arts and international cultural exchange, and of values that connect us all as people, whether we live in our home countries or we are travelling around the world. “Art Circle” brings the wisdom and the common sense of people living close to nature, but also the “carpe diem” of Goriška Brda closer to all who visit this beautiful land. It gives us the gift of feeling as one among ourselves, all of us who are involved in this project. It makes us believe in the power of creation and unity. Everybody who took part in launching this project, will be dearly remembered by the artists and by the international community who worked here. “Art Circle” in this way becomes indeed a true circle, connecting people all over the world. The Hungarian Cultural Embassy has Etko Tutto and Mojca and Danilo Baša especially close to its heart. Hope to see you all soon in Goriška Brda!”

Bíborka Molnár-Gábor, direktorica inštituta