Atelje Šempeter is an art studio that hosts local and international artists throughout the year. It offers invited artists a modern, well-equipped space in which to work in the fields of painting and ceramics. Atelier Šempeter is a unique multi-functional space where artists, culturists, entrepreneurs and business people meet. New acquaintances are made and art and other fields intertwine, we try to bring culture closer to the local population and to bring art to a wider audience.


Simone Miani, Italy
Serhiy Savcenko, Ukraine
Lalo Sanchez Del Valle, Mexico
Yevheniia Kurdiukova, Ukraine
Rokosolana Tabaka, Ukraine

Narcis Kantardžić, Slovenia
Tomaž Milač, Slovenia
Bruno Paladin, Croatia

Bojan Šumonja, Croatia
Bruno Paladin, Croatia
Goran Štimac, Croatia

Zdravko Milić, Croatia
Bruno Paladin, Croatia
Goran Štimac, Croatia
Tomaž Milač, Slovenia


Klemen BRUN (1974, Šempeter pri Novi Gorici), academy-trained painter. He was no stranger to the language of art already in his early youth; he set off into the world when in primary school and lived with his family for five years among the desert dunes of Kuwait, where he already manifested his orientation towards artistic expression. When returning to Slovenia, he completed his primary education. He then furthered and nurtured his artistic inclination at the Italian secondary school Istituto Statale d’Arte Max Fabiani in Gorizia, where he graduated in 1996. His path then took him to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. This environment, saturated with hundreds of years of tradition and culture contamination has left a mark on him and oriented his attention towards the fellow human being in his environment. In 2001, he successfully completed his studies in painting under the mentorship of professor Rossella Piergallini. He seeks for his artistic language through contact with his fellowmen and women and the environment, in which single groups coexist. He is also no stranger to international as well as national cooperation. Apart from organizing art colonies, he also works on bringing together artists from the wider international region and takes part in art colonies and exhibitions all over the world. He lives and creates in Slovenia and Germany.