Art Embassies

In 1997 Goriška Brda saw the first international art meetings of artists under the name MMMart. Through the years these meetings kept on growing and developing until they finally resulted in the opening of art embassies of single countries at local winemakers’ in Brda and the Vipava Valley.

The project, which is a meaningful continuation of the MMMart project, was born in 2011 and given the name KROG UMETNOSTI / ART CIRCLE. Through this initiative we wish to encircle the opening of art embassies of all member states of the European Union and wider. Upon opening each art embassy, we organized an international art meeting of artists and arranged an exhibition of the newly created works of art. These social events between artists gave an incentive to a meeting with the diplomats from the states that have their embassy in Slovenia and the larger public on several levels: local, state and international.
The art embassies are becoming the junction of cultural actors from different European countries that each year meet and create together new works of art at these embassies. We open new art embassies each year. There is a large interest for opening new art embassies between the official ambassadors of the countries that have their diplomatic embassy in Slovenia. Our aim for the following years is to open art embassies of all countries that are represented in Slovenia. Welcome to the magnificent culture, tourist and gastronomic treasure of the Goriška Region and Slovenia!

Etko Tutta and Klemen Brun

Map of art embassies