Art Embassy of Kazakhstan


Vipolže 38
5212 Dobrovo v Brdih


Jesse Magee
Jonny Kennington
Matjaž Rebec


Bodo Korsig
Tomaž Milač
Maruša Štibelj


Leyla Mahat
Bodo Korsig
Nargiz Kaipova
Andrea Bartošová
Kristina Mesaroš
Lučka Šparovec


Darkhan Rukholliyev
Mustafina Saule Mazhitovna
Eduard Kazaryan
Leyla Mahat
Bodo Korsig


Leyla Mahat
Saulet Zhanibek
Sembigali Smagulov

* 2020 cancelled event.

“In my opinion, the Art Circle project is very important for the development of the destination, the connection of different branches, such as tourism, culture and winemaking, and also for consolidating relations between countries and the recognition of our region. We are arranging quality cultural and tourist contents, which enrich everyone in our local and wider area.
Kazakhstan is a culturally rich country, undergoing development and presenting great potential. We have been gladly cooperating with them since 2017.”

Martina Alma, Alma Vista

Kazahstan - Art Circle.

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Prinz Eugen Strasse 32
1040 Dunaj


“As the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Primorska region I was happy to take an active part in the project – this International festival of Visual Arts. The team of the Art Circle, which has been organizing a successful and recognizable festival in Brda and the Vipava Valley for many years, has kindly invited the Republic of Kazakhstan to participate.

The Art Embassy OF Kazakhstan was offered hospitality and a home in the beautiful ambience of the Alma Vista Estate, where we hosted artists from the remote steppes. The heart and attention of all those involved in this project, despite thousands of kilometres away, helped to get to know each other better and also because of this project, so that they were created with all the new contacts and business opportunities. Really kind thanks to everyone.“

mag. Dimitrij Picia
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Slovenia